“Carolyn offered a practical, personal approach to helping me regain my health and recover from hypertension, chronic fatigue and digestive issues.”
— Josa A.

Happy Clients


Carolyn not only opened my eyes to my nutritional deficiencies, she educated and helped navigate me though all the misinformation out there. I learned what I need to do, and made the adjustments that improved my overall health, which also enhanced my training so that I became competitive again.”

-Jaye Morris


“Carolyn, I can’t thank you enough for all the incredible information you have given me and how I appreciate what you do. I most definitely value your opinion and your input more so than some of the medical advice I have received in the past. You have made me feel like I wasn't crazy. Thank you again.” - D.M.

“I greatly appreciate Carolyn’s insight and help with chronic bladder infections. Then when my kidneys tested just below normal and my doctor didn’t think that it was bad enough to do any treatment, Carolyn suggested a kidney support protocol and three months later my kidneys tested in the normal range.” A.H.

Nathan Before_After.jpg


“As a teenager, one of the most stressful thing to have is an acne ridden face. My consultation with Carolyn taught me what I should be eating, drinking and what supplements to take. Through her help my skin is healthier and I’m no longer stressing out about my face breaking-out with acne. My favorite part about seeing Carolyn is how informed she is about nutrition and herbs, and how she clearly explained everything to me. Thank you!” - Nathan H.


“For Wellness Naturally and Carolyn Bolton have given me my health back naturally. I had high liver enzymes, kidney stones , you name it. Carolyn did an exam and we worked out a plan to regain my health. Within 60 days my enzymes were down. I stopped getting and passing kidney stones, I had given up soda ( Pepsi specifically) and am now over one year without. I sleep better, smile more, think more clearly than I have in years. I went down a pants size without a crazy diet. Feeling sluggish? Just in general not feeling well? Give Carolyn at 4 Wellness Naturally a call. She will work out a plan to get you back on track to great health!” - Toni P.

“Carolyn is in a word unbelievable. Her understanding of and mapping of the eye is magical to be part of.  She has a tremendous grasp of nutrition and is always willing to teach her clients and lend an ear.  I can't say I have been 100% compliant with all of her recommendations, but the majority that I have adhered to have benefited me greatly. She is the consummate professional, courteous, engaging in a straight forward non-threatening manner and thorough.  When you want to think outside your own 9 dots she is best bet in non-medical provider therapy.  I am truly happy that I met her and highly recommend her to anyone wanting a second opinion regarding a medical problem that is going unanswered by other traditional methods.”
Ron G in Vista

“Carolyn is a godsend. My son has been having a hard time with ADHD in school and hates the medications that come with it. Through her assessment I am now able to take my sons health into my hands and understand what works best for him. The feeling of being able to take care of your families health is the most freeing feeling. I made an appointment with her for myself after seeing the help she provided me for my son.” - Yasmin A.