Sclerology Defined


Left Eye Chart

by Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.) and  Nenita Sarmiento, BSc


Left Lateral Quadrant

Left #2 Research Angle

Sclerology is the science and art of identifying and interpreting the markings in the whites of the eyes.  The size, configuration, color, and location of the markings identify important aspects and factors contributing to an individual’s current health condition.

"Note that while Sclerology provides extremely valuable data to the healer, it is an “evaluative” science – not a “diagnostic” one in the sense of specific medically defined pathology...."  - Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer

Sclerology ferrets out potential and developing disorders, often well before they present as symptoms that can then be supported by sound nutrition, positive lifestyle, and natural methods, minimizing the risk of future disease and promoting strong natural health.


Basic Premises of Sclerology

  • The eyes are indeed “the mirror of the soul.”  They reveal changes, stresses, congestion, and abnormal conditions within the body no matter on which level they originate. 
  • The condition of every organ and body tissue is reflected in a specific area of the eye. The nerve filaments, muscle fibers, and minute blood vessels, in different zones of the sclera, reproduce the changing conditions in the corresponding parts of the body.
  • The veins in the sclera reveal the stress process by their configurations, color, and direction. Proper evaluation reveals the cause of distress.
  • The sclera reveals, from the beginning, subtle changes in vital organs. Thus enabling a person to avert any threatening disease by correcting the causative with natural methods. The sclera also shows the cleansing and healing processes as the body adjusts to a more optimal state of health.


by Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.) and Nenita Sarmiento, BSc