"Good Nutrition will prevent 95% of all disease."  Linus Paling

"Good Nutrition will prevent 95% of all disease."  Linus Paling


Linus Pauling coined the term “orthomolecular nutrition” in 1968 to help him express his belief that disease could be eradicated by giving the body the “right molecules” of nutrients through good nutrition.

Most everyone realizes to some extent that that improper nutrition can place your health at risk.  However it is important to note that most people are still under the misconception that a “balanced” diet will provide all the nutrition one needs.  When in fact most of our food supply is processed and grown in nutritionally depleted soil.  These factors and your biochemical individuality plays a crucial role in your health!

Nutritional consulting is based on the premise that health conditions are unique to the individual.  We all have different body shapes, have varying levels of exercise, subjected to different mental and physical stresses.  Although as humans we have some similar nutritional requirements, as individuals the right amounts of nutrients varies dependent on our unique body type, lifestyle and environmental factors.  Food provides the fuel our body needs similar to how fire is fueled by wood.  If you try and start a fire with chemically treated, damp wood you get excess smoke, ash and toxic residue.   If you have clean, dry wood the fire burns hot, efficiently and clean.  The fuel we give our bodies comes from the food we eat.  High quality whole foods and water are essential to obtain the fuel our bodies need to carry on their daily functions at optimum levels.  When we consume processed low quality foods; refined sugar, fried foods, soda’s we create an environment at best can’t function efficiently and at worse  supports disease.  When you bring nutritional factors into balance you allow the body to heal itself.

Being healthy is not just an absence of disease, but also an abundance of vitality.  Health is fluid and by having the right balance of nutrients, and micronutrients as a foundation you can enhance how you perform physically and mentally, have an absence of disease and symptoms, and live a long healthy life.

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Alkalize yourself for better health & wellness

Discover how dietary, physical, psychological factors affect your alkaline - acid balances and what this means in terms of your health.

 Summer fruits are here!

Summer fruits are here!

eat organic fresh fruits everyday

The body requires more than 40 nutrients for energy, growth, and tissue maintenance.  Are you getting what you need to support your body's nutritional needs?  We can help you figure this out!